We specialize in rehabilitation…

Offering state-of the-art rehabilitation to help you obtain optimal health.

Dr. Ryan often combines a treatment plan of chiropractic adjustments, and rehabilitation therapy and exercises. The in-office rehabilitation is also program complemented by therapy and/or exercises prescribed for patients to do at home. This reinforces the ongoing role the patient plays in achieving his/her own optimal health. Rehabilitation is an integral part of ensuring that our patients not only get free of pain but stay pain free by working to correct the problem not just treat the pain.

We care…

Dr. Ryan’s friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff is known for their genuine desire to help patients return to normal function, and lead healthier, more productive lives.

We get results…

Dr. Ryan has helped thousands of people improve their health, and get well, over the 23 years he’s practiced in the Fairwood area of Renton, Washington.

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