Work Injuries

Job-Related Injury Relief

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers chiropractic care for good reason. Research studies have repeatedly found that chiropractic care gets people back to work much sooner and at far lower cost than medical care for the same type of on-the-job back injuries. This means that your wages for lost work time are dramatically lower as well.

Chiropractic care usually leads to fewer chronic cases, and gets people back on their feet and back to work sooner. Our office is ready to help you with all of the paperwork, including filing an accident report with your employer and billing the insurance carrier. We’ll help guide you through the red tape, so that you can focus on getting better.

Most insurance companies include worker’s compensation and auto accidents insurance cover chiropractic care within their basic health insurance plans. Many also cover massage therapy.  Since coverage will vary depending on your actual insurance plan, simply call our office staff at 425.226.1856 to learn about your health plan’s specific coverage.

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