Auto Injuries

Watch out for whiplash!

If you, someone in your family, or a friend gets involved in a car or motorcycle accident, call Dr. Ryan immediately. Virtually every auto accident or motorcycle accident causes neck or lower back injury. You might not feel pain or discomfort immediately, but don’t underestimate the severity of your injury. Smaller joints and muscles often don’t react immediately, but pain or stiffness can develop weeks later.

When your spine goes up against tens of thousands of pounds of vehicle force, it can’t help receiving severe trauma, even with low-speed fender benders.

Watch for these symptoms:

• headaches
• neck pain
• lower back pain
• dizziness or nausea
• arm or shoulder numbness or pain

Having seen thousands of patients suffering from a car accident, Dr. Ryan has experience treating whiplash. If you do get hit, it’s critical that you come in for an examination to determine the full after-effects of the accident. Don’t cover up the symptoms with pain pills and muscle relaxants. Let Dr. Ryan help you do something about the cause of your discomfort.

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