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Sports Injuries

Why have Tiger Woods, Joe Montana, Michele Kwan, and hundreds of other professional athletes all turned to chiropractic care? Because chiropractic care plays a vital role in musculoskeletal performance, prevention of injury, and recovery from an injury. A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation, revealed that chiropractic care can increase athletic performance by as much as 16.7% over two weeks.

Dr Ryan has treated many professional and college athletes. He’s been the doctor-in-residence at numerous major sporting events including: Pro Beach Volleyball, Champions on Ice, Pro Bowlers Tour, National Power Lifters Association, etc. Dr. Ryan has been the NFL Players Association Chiropractor for years.

Dr. Ryan has treated superstars, and up-and-coming stars, but whether you’ve won an Olympic gold, or are an amateur, high school, college athlete, or are just enjoying sports on your weekends, Dr. Ryan can help you by properly treating your injuries and keep you playing at your best.

To stay in top shape, or if you have a sports injury that needs treatment, make an appointment to see Dr. Ryan so he can help you.

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