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Have you been in a car accident? Any car accident can cause you an injury, even a relatively small looking crash. The most common symptom from an auto accident is a whiplash injury with neck and/or back pain, and it usually begins between two hours and two days after the accident. This is often the result of whiplash that occurred during the accident. Sometimes minor fender benders cause the persons involved to feel a little stiff. They may feel it in their back and neck and the pain may be accompanied by headaches and tension.

Left untreated, these symptoms may get worse over a period of time. While muscle relaxants and pain killers can relieve some of the discomfort of these muscle spasms, these medications will only cover up symptoms, failing to address the cause of the problem. It is important that all passengers, even children be evaluated a chiropractor immediately after a car accident to insure that you don't have any hidden injuries that will severely affect your life later.

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